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Pastor and Deacons


Interim Pastor


Pastor Bruce has been a cherished member of Hillside for over 20 years. In addition to delivering inspiring sermons every Sunday, he also leads the men's Sunday school, fostering spiritual growth and fellowship among the men in our congregation. Pastor Bruce's warm and welcoming presence is a constant; his smiling face can be seen in the halls, greeting everyone with kindness and encouragement. He is especially beloved by our younger members, as he actively participates in the children's portion of Sunday service, making each child feel valued. His dedication and joyful spirit embody the heart of our church family.



Chairman of Deacons


Jonathan serves as the Chairman of our Deacons and is also the main leader of Trail Life and American Heritage Girls, guiding young people in their spiritual and personal development. His leadership in these programs emphasizes the importance of character, adventure, and faith in the lives of our youth. Jonathan's commitment to nurturing the next generation is matched by his wife, Amy, who helps in our Children's Ministry. Together, Jonathan and Amy embody the spirit of service and dedication that defines our church family, making a positive impact on both the youth and the broader congregation.





As a senior Deacon, Scott plays a pivotal role in the leadership of Hillside. He leads our Audio-Video Ministry, ensuring that our worship services are executed and accessible to everyone. His behind-the-scenes work allows our messages to reach both our congregation and those joining us remotely. Scott's dedication to this ministry reflects his commitment to using his skills to serve our church family, helping to create an atmosphere where everyone can connect and participate fully in our services.

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David serves as a Deacon and also keeps Hillside up to date on software, internet, and web security. His expertise ensures our digital infrastructure remains secure, helping our community stay connected safely. David's dual role is vital to both the spiritual and practical needs of our church.



Deacon and Children's Ministry


Tracy serves as both a Trustee and a Deacon.  Angie leads the Children's Ministries, guiding our youngest members in their spiritual growth and development. Together, Tracy and Angie have founded Florida Hunters for the Hungry, a remarkable initiative that provides food to those in need. Through this program, they not only address hunger in our community but also exemplify the values of compassion and service that our church stands for. Their combined efforts in both their church roles and their charitable work highlight their deep commitment to making a positive impact both within and beyond our congregation.



Deacon and Sports Ministry


Donte's role as a Deacon and the main leader of our Sports Ministry focuses on helping us grow spiritually and getting us involved in the community through sports. His leadership shows us how to connect faith with action, making our church a welcoming place where we can grow together.

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