Lets have a Cup of Coffee and talk
about it.
C hrist Centered
O utreach Minded
F riendly Fellowship
F amily Focused
E nthusiastic Worship
E vangelism Driven
Pictured in the background from left to right
The picnic pavilion Sports Storage Building and two youth soccer fields

                                                                            Pictured from left to right in the foreground are the
                                                                                              Children and Youth Center and the new Auditorium
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As an added precaution for all our at risk families and those that prefer to stay home during
COVID-19, our Sunday 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. Worship Service and our Wednesday Evening
Service will be streamed live on face book.  Click the Face-book link here to watch our live
service and click the Tithes and offerings  to give your weekly tithes and offerings.
27440 Cortez Blvd.
Brooksville, Fl 34602
Call us
Hi!,   I am
Pastor Joe
Santerelli, and I
would like to
invite you to
come join us at
Hillside Community Baptist Church.
Lets have a cup of Coffee and get to  
know one another and Worship Our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ together.
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The Hillside Community Baptist Church Website is under maintenance over the course of the next
several days.  Our new and improved website will be published in the near future.  We humbly
ask your forgiveness for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions and or
concerns do not hesitate to call us at 352-799-0687